Smedstad Moore Language Services

Translations from Norwegian, Danish & Swedish to English. Proofreading, copy editing & language consulting.

A Canadian linguist in Norway

John Moore moved to Norway from Canada in 1998, where he eventually met the lovely Hilde Smedstad. They soon married and became the dynamic duo known as Smedstad Moore! While John is the translator and language specialist, Hilde provides valuable insight into the Scandinavian mind-set. Born in Canada to a British father and an American mother, John is in a unique position to produce texts in both American and British English – or even Canadian English if you prefer!


John has a four-year Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He took several translation courses as part of his degree in addition to studying two years of Latin, which focused mostly on translation. During his time at university, John also took English, German, Spanish and Linguistics courses. In high school, John followed a five-year advanced academic course of study that included languages: English, Latin, French and German; and science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and Advanced Algebra & Geometry.


Thanks to his academic background in language and linguistics, John rapidly gained a high level command of the Norwegian language, both orally and written, through self-study and on-the-job immersion. In fact, John's spoken Norwegian is so good, he is often mistaken for a native of Oslo!


John has been working as a freelance translator since 2003 and has a unique ability to absorb new concepts and new terminology quickly. He is not only technically inclined, but also has a strong creative side and a burning desire to find the right word. John's motto is: Language can always be improved!


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